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Get closer to capturing even more beautiful stills and stunning videos using your Sanyo camera! Each month we’ll post new tips that will give you the knowledge and tools you need to take amazing quality photos and videos.

Tip #1 Using Fill Flash

Whenever shooting outdoor portraits, using a fill flash (flash on mode) may produce significantly improved image results. In flash on mode, the cameras main light source will still be the sun or ambient/available light, but the flash will fill in the harsh sunlight shadows or indirectly lit subjects.

Remember that most built-in camera flashes can only provide illumination up to 10 feet (some even less), so always move a bit closer to your subjects before taking this type of shot.

This image is shot under an open canopy with a large bright background which, normally, would create a backlit subject. With flash on mode, the subject is well exposed and has a nice catch-light in his eyes from the flash.

Image stats: Xacti HD1A, ISO 50, f/3.5, Zoom 6.3mm.

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