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Custom Brokerage: Detail


Our exclusive warehouse system contains all of the modern electronic advantages to provide our customers with accurate bar-coded controls and customize reporting capabilities to match a variety of needs. Daily inventory controls, shipping reports, timely and accurate receiving and dispatching plus courteous service gives our customers the confidence to store their raw materials or finished products. We are able to provide our customers with direct dial-in capabilities through the Internet so that they can monitor their own warehouse activities with their own exclusive access code.

  • 45,000 Sq. Ft. Storage Space
  • Bar-Coded Electronic warehouse System (Inventory access thru Web-Site)
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Receipt & Storage of Bonded Freight
  • Cargo Distribution Services
  • Pick & Pack Operation
  • Transloading


  • 10,000 SQFT racked space
  • 45,000 SQFT open space
  • Automated control system (receiving, shipping, inventory)
  • Packaging and Crating services for machinery

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