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Clean Energy Parking Solutions

Clean Energy Parking Solutions

SANYO Solar Parking Solutions provide clean energy from optimal solar sources that is saved to a highly efficient lithium ion battery, completely independent from fossil fuels. This allows hybrid cars, bicycles and other alternative transportation methods to be charged, while maintaining a safe storage of power for emergencies like blackouts and natural disasters. These structural designs are completely customizable and can be developed to fit the size and power requirements of any facility, from a single family home to large-scale cityscape. 

Make Space Work Smartly
  • 1 parking spot + SANYO Solar= 1 year of drive time
  • Highest efficiency & power per square foot commercially available
  • The only panels in the world that generate power from both sides
  • The panels that cover 1 standard parking space will generate enough electricity to power a year's worth of electricity consumed by driving an electric vehicle
  • Solar array and charging appl iances would be grid-tied and eligible for all current government incentives
  • System could be configured with battery storage to allow for charging during the day at off-peak rates

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