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Solar Canopies

SANYO Solar Power Solutions

As a leader in clean energy systems and products, SANYO's vision for a sustainable future involves integration of our advanced HIT solar technology with personal electric vehicles. 

Using SANYO solar panels, the canopy covering a single standard sized parking space will generate more than enough energy to power a year's worth of driving an electric vehicle.

1 parking spot + SANYO Solar Space= 1 year of EV drive time

Benefits of Solar Canopies

SANYO Solar Canopies are an ideal way to generate an ROI on corporate parking, while earning LEED credits through an architecturally modern and eye-catching design. Customizable to your facility by size, shape and need, they are a functional and visible way for your company to brand itself as a green industry leader. Solar canopies will attract customers, while also providing vehicles with weather protection from the elements. Reducing interior vehicle temperatures saves money on cabin cooling and lessens UV damage to vehicles. 

Solar canopies are a uniquely optimized use of land, giving you the opportunity to generate your own local renewable energy. By including a charging box for small electronics and appliances, you can create a gathering space for customers and tenants. These units can also be outfitted with digital signage for advertising opportunities generating additional revenue or brand exposure. 

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Industry Leading Panel Construction

Ultra-high efficiency SANYO HIT Photovoltaic modules deliver more power per square foot than any other solar module on the market. HIT modules provide superior temperature performance (up to 15% more than standard panels), 100% warranted power tolerance, and exceptional low light performance. With SANYO Solar, you are getting premium modules with the best production density in the world.


  • Parking lots
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Bus stops and shelters
  • EV charging integration
  • Carports
  • Covered walkways
  • Covered play structures
  • Convenience charging
  • Festival shad and power structures
  • Tourist spots
  • Solar cooling stations

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