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SANYO Multi-Deck and Dual Temperature Cases


Since 1950, SANYO has been recognized as a global technology leader in quality manufacturing, sales, marketing, installation and servicing of commercial and consumer products worldwide. Committed to our brand vision, our technologies are environmentally-conscious and supportive. Our food service products offer energy-efficient evaporators and reduced energy consumption to lessen our global footprint.

SANYO provides innovative food merchandising equipment that offers eco-friendly display solutions
for the American food market. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products that offer energy efficient, maintenance-friendly, reliable and versatile solutions for display and preservation of fresh and frozen foods, dairy products and drinks and produce. With consistently stable temperature control, appealing visual display options, and longer shelf lives, preserving freshness is the SANYO standard of service.

Find out how SANYO can keep your food, dairy products and produce fresher, longer, and with less energy consumption with our line-up of Multi-Deck and Dual Temperature Cases.

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