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Local non-profit partners with SANYO for community-driven Megawatt Project

October 26, 2010
Salem, OR - October 26, 2010 -On October 26, 2010, government representatives, solar manufacturers and contractors, and community supporters will meet at Chemeketa Center of Business and Industry to launch the Megawatt Project. The program plans to build a megawatt of renewable energy and save a megawatt of energy through resource management to existing commercial buildings. The “Build a Meg, Save a Meg” program involves local manufacturers and contractors offering services, while the Salem Creative Network provides outreach and education about program benefits.

SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), through its local Salem office, SANYO Solar of Oregon, LLC, has committed to provide solar panels for the Renewable Energy Solar Track of the Megawatt Project,  a program that offers bulk pricing of installations using SANYO world-leading solar modules, PV Powered inverters and SunStorage racking.

"This project is exciting for the future of Salem and Oregon,” commented Yasuyoshi Kawanishi, President of SANYO Solar of Oregon, LLC. “We look forward to creating a successful program that will grow into other markets. SANYO’s latest HIT Power® 220A panels have a guaranteed output performance that is 7-10% higher and will occupy less roof space than our competitors, making this system an excellent investment for commercial, institutional and non-profit clients."

The Renewable Energy Solar Track establishes a base price of $5.40 per watt installed for systems larger than 50 kW, $5.50 for systems 10-50 kW, and $5.55 for systems 5kW-10kW.

The Resource Management Track offers energy audits and an RFP process for upgrades to water heating, airflow, lighting and other systems by the program firms. C.D. Redding Construction, Dalke Construction Co. Inc., InSpec Group, Rich Duncan Construction, Inc. and LCG Pence Construction, LLC were selected for the Megawatt Project through a competitive bidding process. Each will provide services for both the solar installation and retrofit tracks. Pricing for the solar installations will be valid until April 1, 2011.

"The Megawatt Project provides opportunities for Salem to invest in its community and commercial infrastructure through renewable generation and resource management," added Ross Swartzendruber, Executive Director of the Salem Creative Network. "The project demonstrates that Salem is once again taking the lead in the state, and setting an example of proactive Oregon companies collaborating to meet energy goals and needs."


About Salem Creative Network

Salem Creative Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation organized to provide creative solutions for social innovation. For more information, visit or contact Ross Swartzendruber at 503-551-2818 or

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