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SANYO Unveils its eneloop bike to U.S. Bicycle Market at Interbike 2009

Latest hybrid pedal assist eBike offers regenerative braking and coasting to efficiently manage energy and allow a smooth, comfortable ride – up to 40 miles per charge!

September 23, 2009
LAS VEGAS, Nev., September 23, 2009 – SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), today launched its eneloop bike (a hybrid pedal assist electric bicycle) line-up to the United States market, with the “Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle” as the entry model to arrive in 2009. SANYO unveiled the U.S.-version of the eneloop bike at the Interbike International Bicycle Expo in Las Vegas, North America’s largest annual bicycle trade industry event. The eneloop bike will be on display at Interbike, booth #1243, until September 25.

Introduced by SANYO in Japan in December 2008, the eneloop bike is a 26-inch, three-speed regenerative, pedal-assist hybrid electric bicycle. As such, riders can propel the eneloop bike under their own power or can engage the bike’s motor and electrical system to pedal in one of three assist modes – standard, power-up or auto – where the front hub-based motor helps the bicycle and rider travel forward.

SANYO also employs its unique Torque-sensing Power Management Controller within the regenerative electrical system of the eneloop bike. As a result, the “Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle” automatically adjusts to differences in terrain uphill/downhill slopes, applying the perfect amount of assisted power when needed and engaging the regenerative properties of the “energy looping” (ene+loop) eneloop “Loop Charging” system when coasting or braking. As a result, eneloop bike owners can expect to ride up to 40 miles per charge in full “Auto” pedal assist mode, roughly increasing the battery use capacity by up to 1.18 times per charge.

The eneloop bike is expected to be available through independent bicycle dealers and specialty retailers throughout the United States beginning in November 2009, with a suggested retail price starting at $2,299.

“As the biggest market in the world and one that is becoming increasingly concerned about conserving resources, the U.S. is the best place to continue promoting the eneloop bike’s ability to generate and reuse it own energy,” said David Cabanban, SANYO North America’s Bicycle Business Manager. “The Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle, just one product in our universe of eneloop products, helps consumers ‘loop’ their energy, allowing a lifestyle that values reusing the resources we have both for the environment and people’s sake. Naturally, we are excited to unveil the eneloop bike to the U.S. bicycle dealers here at Interbike, the largest cycling industry event in North America.”

Although this is the first time SANYO has ever participated in Interbike, the introduction of the eneloop bike marks a return to the company’s roots as the first product it sold in 1947 was a bicycle generator lamp (Model 47) headlight. In fact, in 1949 SANYO fulfilled an export order of 5,000 of the generator lamps to the General Headquarters of the Allied Forces.

eneloop bike Product Features
The competitively-priced, three-speed eneloop bike makes battery-assisted transportation easier on the rider and the environment. For example, its “Loop Charge Function” simultaneously conserves rider and lithium-ion battery energy and makes the Synergetic Hybrid Bicycle a regenerative form of transportation as it creates new energy while coasting or braking.

In addition, electric bike riding becomes smoother, more comfortable and less strenuous with the eneloop bike’s 1:2 human-power to motor assist ratio. Interestingly, SANYO was the first manufacturer to make an electric bicycle that meets this new eBike assist ratio standard in Japan, a standard which provides the rider enough pedal-assist power to facilitate commuting without awkwardly overpowering the rider’s pedaling efforts.

Additional eneloop bike features include:
•    250-Watt DC brushless motor
•    25.9 volt/5.7 Ampere-hour(Ah) lithium-ion battery
•    Charge time ~ 3.5 hours
•    Total bike weight ~ 50 pounds
•    Taillight brake lamp
•    Handlebar panel switch
•    High-intensity, flashing LED tail lamp that operate when the headlight is turned on and flash faster when braking
•    Low frame and saddle design to allow easy step-through and mounting
•    Seat that accommodates 26-inch framing
•    Adjustable saddle with a range of 7 inches to accommodate riders of all heights
•    Neatly-designed frame with internal cabling
•    Shaped saddle with shock absorbing elastomer cushion to decrease rider fatigue

Expected riding distances*:

•    Up to 17 miles in Standard Mode – no charging while riding (with the motor engaged)
(based on company start & stop driving pattern for 219 yards)
•    Up to 20 miles in Power-Up Mode – regenerative charging via braking only
      (based on company continuous riding pattern without stopping)
•    Up to 40 miles in Auto Mode – full regenerative charging
     (based on company continuous riding pattern without stopping—maximum distance)

*Riding distances are based on company driving patterns

For more information about SANYO’s eneloop bike and its entry into the U.S., please visit

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is a global, multi-billion dollar leading company for energy and environment, providing solutions for energy, environment and lifestyle applications based on its brand vision ’Think GAIA.’ The Business Development Group, part of the Biomedical & Environmental Solutions Division of SANYO North America Corporation, a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., is located in Wood Dale, Illinois, and develops and markets a variety of new, innovative solutions, including hybrid electric bicycles, solar powered charging stations, combined solar and HVAC solutions as well as other total package solutions for commercial/business use. For further information, please visit SANYO’s web site at

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For Press Contact:
Aaron Fowles, SANYO North America Corp., 619-661-4151(w),
David Politis SOAR Communications, 801-523-3730(w)/801-556-8184(c),
Chip Smith, SOAR Communications, 801-523-3730(w)/801-597-7515(c),

For Product/Dealer Inquiries, please Contact:
David Cabanban, SANYO North America Corp., 630-694-8277(w),

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